Islamic Interpretation of Dreams (Ibn-i Sirin):

(Knowledge; Town; Village) Entering a city in a dream means appeasement than leaving it.

A city in a dream also represents a learned person, a wise man and a scholar.

If one enters a city and finds it in ruins in his dream, it means that the learned people of that city no longer live there.

It is said that seeing a city in a dream means the death of its ruler or an unjust governor from that place.

Seeing a city being built in a dream signifies the growing number of its learned people and represents children who will continue the path of their fathers.

Seeing a city with no governor in a dream means rising prices.

An unknown city in a dream represents the hereafter, while a known city represents the world.

Seeing oneself in an unknown city in a dream is also a sign of righteousness.

The best of cities in a dream are the large ones. One’s home town in a dream represents his father, while one’s homeland in a dream represents his mother.

Seeing oneself in a northern city in a dream mean increase of one’s cash flow.

Seeing oneself in a southern city means increase in one’s trickery and deception.

Seeing oneself in a low plateau in a dream means difficulties and trouble, while seeing oneself in a high plateau means trustworthiness and truthfulness.

Seeing oneself in Egypt in a dream means longevity and a comfortable living.

Seeing oneself in a farmland in a dream means pursuing innovation.

Seeing oneself in a bower in a dream signifies the coming of a prosperous year.

Seeing oneself in Jerusalem or at the feet of Mount Sinai in a dream also means prosperity.

Seeing oneself in Bethlehem in a dream means increased religious devotion.

Seeing oneself in Damascus in a dream means blessings, prosperity and wealth, or it could mean corruption.

A cold city in a dream represents adversities.

Seeing oneself in a shore city in a dream means winning people’s acceptance.

Standing on a sulfuric soil or a salinized soil in a dream means an illness.

Seeing oneself in a large and populated city in a dream means prosperity and wealth. Entering a city in a dream also means making peace between people. Driving through an unknown section of a city in a dream means losses. Entering an old city that is rebuilt and restored in a dream means that a great and a pious person will be born in that city and he will grow to guide its people on the path of righteousness.

A city in a dream also signifies an oath, meeting with one’s beloveds, peace, tranquility and safety. Meeting with Godfearing people in a dream means attaining one’s goals and receiving glad tidings.

Seeing the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah in a dream means adversities, earthquake, fear and corruption.

Seeing a city in a dream also could mean repentance from sin.

Aprovince in a dream represents its governor or renowned scholars. Governing a city in a dream means rising to a suitable position, getting married, recovering from an illness, repenting from sin, or receiving guidance at the hand of a learned shaikh.

Seeing a deceased person walking alive in a city in a dream perhaps means that he is in paradise enjoying its blessings.

Seeing a deceased person in a village in a dream means that he might be in hell laboring with its people.

A city in a dream also represents the entertainment it provides for its dwellers.

The name of a city one sees in a dream should reflect some of the meanings of one’s dream.

(See Introduction).

The industry of a city also has a share in the dream interpretation. Known cities in the world in a dream represent their rulers. Entering a city one already knows in a dream means that one will not die until he enters it again, or it could mean that he will receive news from that city.

The walls of a city represent a strong ruler.

A demolished wall of a city in a dream signifies the death of its ruler or his removal from office.

If one sees a flourishing city with its urban construction, factories and farms, his dream will reflect the spiritual awareness and religious devotion of its people.

(Also see Village)

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