(Material aspects) Dreaming of planets is to be linking with very subtle energies, which surround us and have an effect on our lives, even though we may not be consciously aware of them. Often as we begin to study the esoteric arts we become more aware of these influences…. [...]


(Psychological / emotional perspective) The interpretations of the planetary significances are: jupiter suggests growth and expansion, and also freedom from limitation. Mars indicates activity and war but also drive. Mercury signifies communication, intuition and mental powers. The moon represents our emotions and our links with our mother. Neptune works with illusion – but also with inspiration. Pluto has charge of the unconscious and transform… [...]


Spiritually, once we become aware of how the subtle energies can help us live our lives successfully, we can learn to make use of planetary energy. This is a belief that goes back to ancient times and is the basis of astrology…. [...]


…s and receiving a leadership position. If one sees the sun, the moon and all the planets assembled before him, and together they all produced a radiant and a magnificent light in a dream, it means that one’s words are respected by people in authority. If the stars and the planets have no light in the dream, then they mean a calamity. In a dream, seeing a sun and a moon on one’s right side and the same on his left side, above him, in front of him… [...]


To dream of flying high through a space, denotes marital calamities. To fly low, almost to the ground, indicates sickness and uneasy states from which the dreamer will recover. To fly over muddy water, warns you to keep close with your private affairs, as enemies are watching to enthrall you. To fly over broken places, signifies ill luck and gloomy surroundings. If you notice green trees and vegetation below you in flying, you will suffer tempor… [...]


(Material aspects) A galaxy of celebrities, in the sense of a group of people, most of whom have some importance in their own field, are perceived as powerful. In dreams, if this image is present we perhaps need to decide what the common factor is between them and how this might relate to our lives. You might like to consult the entries for celebrity, crowd, group, planets and shapes / patterns…. [...]


Islamic Interpretation of Dreams (Ibn-i Sirin): (The eight heavens; Firmament; Planets; Skies) If one sees himself dwelling in the lower heaven, and if he qualifies, it means that he will be appointed at a ministerial office, or work for a minister in the government. This is because the lower heaven is the sphere of the Moon and the moon is interpreted asa chief minister or as a secretary. The second heaven is the sphere of the planet Mercury. I… [...]


A calendar is initially a way of naming periods of time, usually days, though also of particular cycles such as the seasons. Cycles in a calendar are often measured by the motion of planets and stars. This allows celebrations and festivals to be calculated. We should become more aware of these timetables…. [...]


To see a telescope in your dream suggests that you need to take a closer look at some situation It may also mean that you are going through a period of uncertain changes. To dream that you are looking through a telescope at the stars and planets signifies pleasurable but expensive journeys…. [...]


(Psychological / emotional perspective) Hidden information often comes to us through dreams. As we become more knowledgeable these symbols tap into arcane wisdom which allows us to live our lives in tune with the universe. The spheres of influence of the planets were first described by plato and modern astrology stills tend to follow his teachings. By then using the correspondences we can harness the energy of the zodiac in everyday life – its c… [...]