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Doors often refer to the openings of the body and, therefore, by default, one’s sexuality.

The front door and back door signifies the vagina and the anus respectively. Breaking down such a door can be taken to indicate the need to deal with some kind of inhibition over privacy or sex; there can be an [...]


Islamic Interpretation of Dreams (Ibn-i Sirin):

(Door lintel; Doorplate; Threshold) In a dream, the doorstep of one’s house represents one’s power, or it could mean marriage.

If one sees himself removing the doorstep of his house in a dream, it means losing his power.

If he removes the door lintels of his house in a [...]

Door-to-door salesman

Islamic Interpretation of Dreams (Ibn-i Sirin):

(See Panderer)

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Islamic Interpretation of Dreams (Ibn-i Sirin):

A door in a dream represents the guardian of the house.

An open doors in a dream represents a source of income.

The door of a house also represents the wife.

If the appearance of one’s door looks different from reality in a dream, it means changes in one’s [...]


A passage to a new phase in life, such as childhood to adolescence, or single to married.

A new opportunity on the way.

Revelation, either personal, spiritual, or universal.

Astrological parallels: Scorpio, Capricorn, Aries

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Door Bell

To dream you hear or ring a door bell, foretells unexpected tidings, or a hasty summons to business, or the bedtide of a sick relative.

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Door latch

Islamic Interpretation of Dreams (Ibn-i Sirin):

(See Latch)

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Door lintel

Islamic Interpretation of Dreams (Ibn-i Sirin):

(See Doorstep; Threshold)

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Door post

Islamic Interpretation of Dreams (Ibn-i Sirin):

(Doorjamb) In a dream, a doorjamb or a door post represent the sire of the house or his bottler.

If the door post is removed in a dream, it means dismissal of such a person from his work.

If it is taken away from that site, then it means [...]


To dream of a doorbell is symbolic of happy times and new experiences.

If you pushed it, you will soon have an interesting new friend.

If you heard it ringing, you can expect to have an opportunity to engage in a happy new activity. Be alert, so you don’t miss the opportunity when it comes!

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