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Shot / Shooting

(Gives gender – specific) In a woman’s dream being shot or shot at can symbolize the sexual act and all that goes along with the idea of penetration.

She might wish to explore her own feelings, particularly whether she feels targeted or victimized.

In a man’s dream the same idea of victimization or aggression can [...]

Shot / Shooting

(Material aspects)

Unconsciously you may be feeling threatened in some way and need to be consciously pro-active in coming to terms with the fear that this brings.

The type of weapon being used may have significance. When in a dream we are shooting someone we need to come to terms with aggressive or destructive tendencies [...]

Shot / Shooting

(Psychological / emotional perspective)

To be conscious of hearing a shot in dreams or of shooting someone highlights the need for a targeted release of energy, perhaps to clear the air or to achieve a particular end result. Being shot in a dream suggests that we may need to be aware of someone else’s ill [...]


(Gives gender – specific) If a woman is firing a gun she is aware of the masculine, aggressive side of her personality.

If she is being shot at she perhaps feels threatened by overt signs of aggression or sexuality.

For a man to be being shot suggests conflict which may, in fact, be territorial.

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In Freudian dream analysis, a symbol for physical passion.

If the dreamer is the one doing the shooting, then he is consciously or unconsciously searching for a partner.

If the dreamer is the one being shot, someone out there feels desire for him.

The release, or need for release, of pent-up anger.

Again, if [...]


(Psychological / emotional perspective)

To have a weapon used against us means that we have to look at how we are party to people being aggressive around us.

It may be that we have done something to upset the other person, which results in aggression, or it may be that we have put ourselves in [...]


If you dream of seeing or taking tranquilizer pills, you may be avoiding some issue or situation in your real life.

It’s also possible that you are refusing to recognize a negative aspect of yourself.

If you dream of being shot with a tranquilizer gun, or slipped a tranquilizer, there is an annoying person in [...]


(Psychological / emotional perspective)

The image of a journey is a very potent one in dream work.

Any time the idea of a journey becomes apparent, it is to do with the way that we carry on our everyday lives and how we move forward. Every step that we take towards understanding ourselves and the [...]


Islamic Interpretation of Dreams (Ibn-i Sirin):

(Stone) Mountain rocks in a dream represent strong believers who hold fast to their religious duties.

If one sees himself trying to lift a heavy rock, testing his strength in a dream, it means that he will face a strong opponent.

If he succeeds at lifting it in the [...]

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